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While you Compete,
Play and Train!

SPOBI wants to help
you get ahead

We all need something...

the latest wearable device, new training shoes or some new kit for your team? 
Or maybe you need specialist equipment or clothing? 
Spobi can help to bring all these things and more within your reach.

Special Coupon Discounts

In collaboration with our product partners, we can offer chances for you to get huge discounts off certain high-value items:



Specialist equipment

Sports clothing

Promotions will pop up weekly or monthly, according to the season. With Special Coupon Discounts, you’ll be able to buy great products at a fraction of their usual retail price. Items usually worth €1,200 could be yours for €200 with the right coupon!

Exclusive to SPOBI

Different promotions will have different deals. All you’ll need to do is exchange the amount of SPOCs for that particular deal to get the coupon, and you’ll instantly get a link to purchase.

And thanks to our unique arrangements with brands and suppliers, you won’t find these offers anywhere else!

Hungry for offers on premium items not included in our usual products gallery?



At regular intervals, SPOBI will set up a Tombola with prizes available for the lucky users who enter.

You'll have a chance to win

  • Opportunity to buy Special Coupon Discounts!
  • Cash or SPOC Vouchers!
  • Other great free gifts or offers!

How does it work?

  • A Tombola will run for a set amount of time - users will have time to look out for items they want and collect SPOCs to buy tickets.
  • Each Tombola ticket is 10 SPOCs. You can buy as many as you want - the more you buy, the more chances you have to win!
  • Each Tombola will have a ‘minimum participation coupon’ of around 6% of the SPOC value of the prize. You won’t need to buy this, but you must have enough SPOCs in your digital wallet to cover that amount.
  • When the Tombola deadline arrives, winners will be notified by email, announced to the SPOBI community, and the prizes transferred!
  • The amount of SPOCs needed for the coupon will be ‘blocked’ until after the Tombola.

If you don't win in the Tombola you entered, don't worry!

  • You do not lose your SPOCs - they will be unblocked in your digital wallet for you to use to play again, or to spend on products in the gallery as usual.

Want your digital wallet to be bursting at its virtual seams?

Here’s how to get
the most out of SPOBI!

There are LOTS of ways for you to collect
SPOCs and start claiming discounts:

Action Reward!!
Invite friends who then join SPOBI (per new member) 10 SPOCs
Connect SPOBI to your wearable devices 10 SPOCs
Sign your team up to SPOBI (add a team with athletes belonging to a league) 100 SPOCs
Coaches: Verify each player’s data after a game 20 SPOCs
Monthly: Top athletes within the team for a given metric 20 SPOCs
Monthly: Top athletes within the league for a given metric 50 SPOCs
Supporters: Input data manually (per game, per player, at least 10 data points) 10 SPOCs
* NOTE - SPOBI will credit all rewards automatically, except in the case of club sponsorship where this is done on a case-by-case basis.
The following bonuses will be added in Version 2 of the SPOBI App:
Monthly: Users with top SPOBIscores 200 SPOCs
Use SPOCs for team subscriptions (one-time credit) 1000 SPOCs
Teams: Organise a fundraising event 200 SPOCs
SPOBI Club Sponsorship (one-time credit)
* depending on the size of the club
1000-10000 SPOCs

And don't forget...

You can also win, collect and give out SPOCs all the time through our challenges system! With SPOCs, we have really created our own new digital economy for sports people to support each other, get the things they need to succeed, and win.

Today's Tombola

Win 4 New iPhone X 64GB

You will be able to participate in Tombolas when the SPOBI app is launched.

Are you ready to#changethegame?

SPOBI is the only sports management app that rewards you for your hard work and achievements, individually and as a team, while you compete, play and train.

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SPOBI starts in summer of 2019.
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