Community Values

We have one core goal:
to motivate you be the best
you can be.

Whatever your role in sports - athlete, coach, player, team, manager, club, or
family member - SPOBI​ is an active, supportive network where you can all give
and receive extra motivation to improve and succeed.

Sport connects us. Together, we can all excel at what we do.
We just need to work as a team, and live by our values.

What are the four key
SPOBI community values?

Positive attitude

No matter what sport you practice, it is a give and take. Determination and perseverance do not mean much when the positive will to win is lacking. Play fair - the only one you betray is yourself. Even if there is one or the other setback, learn from it, get up and go on! Remember, the path is the goal, but the result is the reward.

Hard Work

To be successful, whether in sports or in life, you have to work hard. A great new shoe or the latest smartwatch are nice, but you already have everything you need to be successful: determination, endurance and strength (mentally and physically). Go on the court, play hard, but be fair! With the right training you will achieve great results.

Contribute to the Community

If you're waiting at the starting block or standing on the course, you may feel alone, but you're not. Positive cooperation promotes clarity, cohesion and success.

Sporting together means that everyone benefits,
whether in individual or team sport. It is a give and take.
The bigger your community becomes in SPOBI and the further
your network develops, the more you will get back.
Sharing is caring.

Respect your environment

Listen to your body. You know when to push your limits and when you need rest. A healthy body requires a healthy environment. We need to protect nature on our planet. Avoid toxic chemicals and things that are excessively packaged. Recycle everything that is recyclable and, if possible, use public transport, cycling or running.

Being good to the world around you will also be good for you.

We'll give you anything to keep the focus.

SPOBI is a unique platform
that covers all four key
qualifications for successful sport:


SPOBI brings together all the apps and channels you need to organise your sports activity onto one platform.


SPOBI links with your fitness device to show real biometric and activity data. You'll get real value from seeing your progress and where you can improve.


Details about the next game? When is the next training? Stay in touch and never miss anything again.

Celebrate success

You can succeed as a team or alone. Through our reward and challenge system - and SPOCs - we celebrate your victories.

No matter if alone or in a team, SPOBI redefines the handling of data,
organization, communication and the joint celebration of success!