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How SPOBI helps

Sports Club and

Giving you the tools to make it easier
to succeed

The usual ways to get messages to people and track progress can make running a club or association hard work. You might rely on guesswork for your choices, struggle to communicate and generally feel like you’re walking through mud to keep everyone on track.

SPOBI changes the game. It acts as a hub for all your vital messages, gives you crucial insight on your members, and makes spotting real talent easy. You’ll feel excitement at the potential as you save time, take action and turn your club or association into a dynamic, leading organisation.

SPOBI for Clubs

The ultimate tool for keeping your club ahead
of the pack and gaining rewards.


When everyone thinks together, they act together. Get your club or team all on the same page and working as one when everyone can see your messages and share ideas.


When your schedule is clearly laid out, everyone can understand your plan and vision. SPOBI’s diary system make sure everything is in place ahead of the next game or meeting.


Keep yourself in the spotlight. SPOBI helps you to promote your club’s brand and image across your team profiles and images gallery, to make the most of success.


Every time you input the statistics and scores from your latest match, SPOBI credits you with SPOCs for you to save and spend on clothing, devices or equipment for your club.

SPOBI’s secret weapon...

What’s in the Data?

Everybody wants to know what’s really going on in the training ground and on the pitch. SPOBI allows you access to the aggregated data so you can see trends and gain valuable insights into the landscape of youth sports.

And more - SPOBI has partnered with the world leaders in sports GPS tracking and devices, meaning you can train, analyse and raise your game to the same level as top professional teams at a fraction of the cost!

As well as checking the data, SPOBI helps you to get the devices you need at subsidised prices, or as rewards! Your team will be able to compare and challenge each other using the data from the latest technology, while you’ll be able to understand exactly what your players and athletes are doing.

Get ready to discover and develop your new talents!

Do you know about our Sponsorship Offer?

SPOBI is sponsoring sports clubs that sign up to use the free app! Depending on the size of your club, you could receive a donation of SPOCs into your account to the value of €5 000 to €50 000!

SPOBI for Associations

Helping you to understand and reach out directly to your members.

Gaining an Advantage

Associations can obviously take advantage of all the great features available to clubs and use them to help their own cause:


To share information about rules, regulations, policies and other notifications;


To organise all members and clubs around the same schedule;


To provide accessories, equipment and devices to your clubs and members;


To promote the association’s brand and image.

Plus, of course, access to the Aggregated Data for the purpose of analysis and insight into the behaviour and current trends within youth sports.

Through our partnerships with the world-leaders in sports tracking technology, SPOBI makes sure your teams are on top of their game. You could save years off your development time and enable you to react quickly when you see a need or demand. And,with our special offers and rewards, you could launch a promotion and offer the latest devices to all your teams and clubs!

Spobi Partners

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Athletes and Coaches?

What's good for your clubs and associations works great for you too!

Post new pics and personal bests, see how you compare to your club-mates as well as rivals, keep on top of your messages and meet-ups, get rewards for your hard work and shout out about your wins!

Ready to #changethegame?

Sign up now to fast-track your development with SPOBI.